A Classic Mastery

Hargreaves Hill is one of Australia's pioneering craft breweries. our dedication to classic mastery across process & style, constant exploration in taste, make Hargreaves Hill beers something to look forward to, everytime.

Our Beers

With a solid, award winning core range, and an astonishing number of seasonal releases, there is something for everyone at Hargreaves Hill. The one consistent element in all our beers, is a dedication to classic mastery in process and product.


Our story

Hargreaves Hill was born from an obsession with refinement. 

Before making beer, founder Simon Walkenhorst’s commonplace was a concert hall rather than a brewery, performing classical piano pieces to the masses. With Simon’s partner in crime and in life, Beth Williams, also being an opera singer and musician, there was a melting pot of creativity and talent that could not be contained to just one form of art. 

Those same values of classic mastery and obsession with refinement were channelled into craft beer in 2004 when Hargreaves Hill was established. Fourteen years on, surviving the brewery being burnt down in the black saturday fires, family owned Hargreaves Hill is now seen as a ‘pioneer’ in the Australian craft beer industry, with beers that are known for their mastery of the classic styles, while also releasing a stand-out range of seasonal brews. 

Our community

We are proud to sponsor a number or events, teams and initiatives in our local area. Community is an important part of our lives, and we do everything we can to get behind it. If you are interested in having Hargreaves get involved with your community project or event, drop us an email