Bourbon Barrel Aged RIS 440ml*

*SOLD OUT ONLINE* Check Hargreaves Hill Facebook Feed for stockist list soon!

Our beloved original RIS has for the first time been given the Bourbon Barrel treatment. 6 Month Barrel aging has given our Molasses, Liquorish and Rich Chocolate driven RIS a pronounced Cherrywood & Vanilla Nose as well as a an extra boozy kick on the palate. *(1 x 4pack Max per Customer)

By far our most rare release of the last few years, please don't hesitate because they absolutely wont last long.

*4pack Minimum/4pack Max 

11.5% - 440ml - SUPER LIMITED *(1 x 4pack Max per Customer) *SOLD OUT*

Seasonal Releases

Every year our fans look forward to these very special multi-award winning beer releases to both drink and cellar for future enjoyment.