Pursuit of Hoppiness 6 & 7 - Mixed IPA 4-Pack

This 4-Pack includes...

2 x Pursuit of Hoppiness - Number 06 - Single Hop Galaxy IPA 440ml cans

2 x Pursuit of Hoppiness - Number 07 - Cryo Oat Cream IPA 440ml cans

The Pursuit of Hoppiness is an ongoing speciality series in which we explore the somewhat endless possibilities in the art of brewing with hops. Drinkers are given an exclusive look into the brewing process, with varieties, additions and time frame listed on the can label.

Number 6 is a single-hop 7% Hazy IPA utilising Galaxy hops. Aromas and flavours of Passionfruit, Peach and clean Citrus. Double dry-hopped at 17g/Litre.

POH Number 7 is an 8% Oat Cream IPA featuring 17% rolled oats and 5% torrified wheat. After a slow sparge , milk sugars are added to the boil. This results in a creamy mouthfeel, as a basis for substantial dry-hopping. Hops include; Cryo Amarillo, Cryo Idaho 7 and some Mosaic. 

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